Rylin’s Rhymes: A Brief Introduction with a Beat

Through various different readings, notes, essays, and tears
My mind felt worn out and tired; a feeling I’ve dreaded for years.

Slowly but surely, I submitted my homework assignments one by one
Awaiting for the moment I can finally celebrate and say: “I’m done!”

I truly am excited for college and my scholarly years ahead
But if I’m being honest, a lot of these homework assignments make me want to stay in bed.

But alas, as I read this one last assignment off my screen
A lightbulb switched on in my head, causing a rush of dopamine.

An introduction blog post, it said, and I knew just what to do
I’ll tell you about me, and hopefully I can learn about you too!

I quickly ran to my computer and sat down alone
So I could start to tell you about myself through a poem.

I’m here at Lehigh from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois
There I live with my parents and three brothers, so I grew up in a house of boys.

A daughter, a sister, an athlete, a friend
These are nouns that describe me and are easy to comprehend.

But in this poem, I will describe myself to the highest degree
You can take it or leave it, but I will always unapologetically be me.

To start off, I feel that it’s best if I let you know
I am always the one who laughs hardest when I tell a joke; a trait I can’t seem to outgrow.

With that being said, I tend laugh hard when others are not
Doesn’t matter if it’s a joke, a weird look, or even an internal thought.

Although I’m almost 18, my music taste is similar to a child’s
I proudly jam out to High School Musical, and things can sometimes get wild.

I am also similar to a child in the way I believe any dream can come true
In the field of psychology, I hope to research at Lehigh and discover something new.

My smile is the physical feature I love about myself the most
I’m so grateful for my two dimples and white teeth that make me a welcoming host.

So there you have it – a quick introduction and reasons why I’m unique – I have no shame
I guarantee these traits of mine will always stay the same.

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